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Air freight logistics can provide fast, safe, convenient and thoughtful services.
Our company maintains good relationships with major airlines, Pudong Airport cargo terminals, logistics, guaranteed space, and preferential prices; we have our own receiving warehouse at the airport; we have our own customs declaration, inspection, and delivery teams. Our company can satisfy different customers with intensive flights and preferential air freight prices. Even in the peak air freight season, it also allows you to have sufficient space protection, and deliver cargo to the destination airports and consignees on time and quickly.

The main air cargo routes cover:
· Americas: KZ, CX, FX, Y8, AA, CA, MU, JL, NW
Europe: CX, BA, AF, MP, SU, CV, MH, TG, SQ, JL, CZ, CA
Middle East: EK, GF, TG, SQ, GA
· Southeast Asia: CX, FX, TG, JL, MH, OZ, TH, SQ, CI, CA
· Australia: QF, NZ, TG, SQ, GA, PR
· Africa: BA, WD, MK, ET, TK
The company has agreements with CA, CX, LH, and EY, which can undertake air transportation of various dangerous goods, including categories of 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6, 8, and 9 dangerous goods.

Can Provide:
- Responsible for the transportation appraisal report of Shanghua Institute, DGM appraisal report, metrology institute appraisal report, IMI classification appraisal report.
- Provide various internal and external packaging and dangerous goods packaging performance inspection results.
- Replacement of UN packaging services suitable for IATA requirements.
- Dangerous goods declaration, customs clearance, and transit.
- GHS label review service.

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