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The full name of the dangerous package certificate is the result of the identification of the packaging of the dangerous goods leaving the country. It is the certification of the results of the packaging of the dangerous goods exported. With this certificate, it can be shown that the packaging of the dangerous goods meets the requirements for export. We can use this certificate, together with the results of the inspection of the packaging performance of dangerous goods abroad, and the packaging technical manual, to declare the export of dangerous goods to the maritime department.

Relevant documents required for handling dangerous packages
1. Outbound dangerous goods packaging performance inspection result sheet (commonly called performance sheet), provided by the dangerous goods packaging production factory.
2. IMI classification appraisal report. Provide 20-50 grams of samples to the relevant appraisal agencies for reporting.
3. Chinese MSDS
4. Factory inspection form
5. Certificate of conformity (self-inspection result sheet)

After the above documents are prepared, you can apply to the customs for inspection and apply for a dangerous package permit. 3-5 working days after acceptance by the customs, we will come to check whether the packaging conforms to the application information provided and the relevant single goods are in compliance. After inspection, there is no problem and the result report of the packaging and use of dangerous goods is issued. The whole process is done. Our company can provide related services for dangerous packages. The handling category is limited to Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 dangerous goods.

The commodity inspection and customs supervision categories A and B are divided into customs clearance documents for outbound goods and customs clearance forms for inbound goods. The so-called customs clearance form is the commodity inspection. The exit customs clearance form is the inspection certificate made when the product is exported. Is issued by the customs. We mainly explain the relevant procedures for the clearance of outbound cargo (hazardous chemicals).
Need to provide information:
Foreign trade contract
Packing List
Inspection instructions
business license
Inspection instructions
Ten-digit commodity inspection (an organization code registered by the factory with the Commodity Inspection Bureau, if there is no organization code, you need to do company filing)
If the cargo is dangerous, also provide
Export Dangerous Goods Packaging Use Identification Report
Outbound dangerous goods packaging use inspection result list
Factory Dangerous Goods Business License
Chinese and English GHS labels for goods
Factory inspection
Classification appraisal report

You can entrust yourself to apply for inspection when the materials are ready, or you can entrust the inspectors of the local inspection and inspection company to go to the customs for inspection.
After the customs accepts the inspection, it will arrange a customs teacher to leave the factory for inspection. After the inspection is completed, a customs clearance form will be issued, and an electronic customs clearance number will be generated to declare to the customs.
Hazardous chemical products are required to provide a wide range of procedures and inspection procedures, as well as inspection procedures, it is recommended to be handled by a company specializing in hazardous chemicals. Our company has accumulated many years of operating experience in the international logistics of hazardous chemicals, and can provide relevant handling services.
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