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Relying on a strong agency network, whether it is LCL, FCL or dangerous goods, to the port or door, customs clearance or bonded service companies can quickly arrange the quotation, booking, and schedule of imported goods. Whether it is EXW, FOB or other ways of closing. At the same time, the company can take the customer as the center, advocate personalized import customs clearance agents, track customized customs clearance processes, and provide a comprehensive and comprehensive one-stop import agency service to reduce costs for customers as much as possible while ensuring the safety and convenience of the goods. Shanghai Dangerous Goods Import Declaration, Shanghai Airport Import Declaration, Shanghai Cosmetics Import Declaration are the company's main projects. The business covers international sea and air transport import and export, import FOB / EXW / CIF, customs declaration inspection agents, warehousing and distribution services, inland Transportation, etc. At present, our company has staff members in the outer port, Yangshan port and the Air Exchange, which are handled on-site, which is convenient, improves the efficiency of customs clearance, facilitates the contact of customs declaration and inspection and quarantine bureaus, and speeds up customs clearance.

Special Service:
- Provide tailor-made logistics solutions for you 7 * 24 hours one-on-one butler service, so that you do not need to worry about any unexpected situation, and can get a timely response.
- Solve all kinds of difficult problems encountered during customs declaration, transportation, warehousing, etc.
- Rest assured, peace of mind, peace of mind

Customer Type:
- Production enterprises, import and export trading companies, freight forwarders, and individual groups.

Related Business:
- Provide customized solutions for port customs clearance, overseas pickup, shipping booking, international shipping, export packaging, domestic trailers, door-to-door, storage, labeling, distribution, distribution, and other value-added services.

Service Area:
- General trade import goods, return import goods, bonded area import goods, temporary entry and exit goods, other special entry and exit goods.

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