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Refrigerant and fire extinguisher

Refrigerants and fire extinguishers are generally packed in pressure vessels (large steel cylinders, small steel cylinders, or TANK), which are classified as Class 2 dangerous goods. Because this product is packaged in special containers, it has packaging requirements that are different from other goods. Strictly check the basic information of the goods. And ensure that the goods are shipped out of the gimmicks, dangerous goods identification and product packaging in accordance with relevant international requirements, but also familiar with the relevant customs clearance policies at the port of destination, to ensure the smooth transportation of the goods to ensure. Due to the special packaging, customers of this product often require empty packaging for return shipment. Our company can file customs and maritime records to ensure that the customer's pressure vessel can be removed and returned, avoiding high container washing costs abroad. Our mature agency network ensures the circular transfer of special packaging, formulates a reasonable transportation plan, meets the needs of customers, and fulfills the promises to customers.
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