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Safe handling of dangerous goods

1. Drivers engaged in the transportation of dangerous goods must have a high sense of responsibility and dedication, and firmly establish responsibility for the responsibility of the life and property of the people of the country's enterprises.
2. Drivers engaged in the transportation of dangerous goods must hold a "dangerous transport certificate" issued by the public security fire department within the validity period.
3. For transportation of chemicals and dangerous goods, you must master and understand the performance of the goods, fire prevention, disinfection and other measures. Carefully check the packaging containers, tools and protective equipment. Leakage and loosening of dangerous goods and running of vehicles with diseases are strictly prohibited.
4. Smoking and using naked flames are not allowed during transportation and parking in dangerous areas.
5. Any leakage or breakage of the dangerous goods container is found. Before modification and other safety measures are taken, it is likely to cause oxidative decomposition, spontaneous combustion or explosion. Take self-rescue immediately and ask the leader, the factory, The local fire department reported that it should be properly handled as soon as possible.
6. Flammable dangerous goods should be transported before 10 am and after 3 pm in the hot season.
7. It is strictly forbidden to mix and transport dangerous materials with conflicting performance. When all kinds of motor vehicles enter the dangerous goods storage area and site, they should be installed and dismounted on the muffler before entering.
8. Vehicles carrying dangerous goods shall not be allowed to stop in landlords with densely populated people, market towns, major roads, residential areas, etc. Vehicles carrying dangerous goods shall not be allowed to park in the workshops and yards of the unit. If it is indeed due to insufficient loading and unloading, parking or overnight repairs, etc., it shall be reported to the leader or the person in charge of the duty and necessary protective measures shall be taken.
9. Vehicles transporting dangerous goods should be cleaned and disinfected in a timely manner. When cleaning and disinfecting, pay attention to the nature of the dangerous goods, master the knowledge of cleaning and disinfection methods, and prevent pollution, cross-reactions or poisoning accidents.
10. When a vehicle carrying dangerous goods needs a transition, it should consciously report to the ferry management department and abide by the regulations of the ferry. Vehicles carrying dangerous goods should strictly follow the route designated by the public security fire department.
11. Vehicles carrying dangerous goods should be equipped with certain fire-fighting equipment, first-aid drugs, yellow triangle flags or signs of dangerous goods transport vehicles.
12. In addition to complying with the above-mentioned safe operating procedures, drivers of dangerous goods transportation must also comply with the safe operating procedures of automobile drivers.
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