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Customs declaration

Customs declaration refers to the declaration of goods, baggage, postal articles, and transportation means by the owner or his agent to the customs when entering or exiting customs or national borders, submitting the required documents and certificates, and requesting the customs to handle relevant import and export procedures. China's customs require documents and certificates to be paid at the time of declaration. There are: import and export goods declaration form, import and export goods permit, commodity inspection certificate, animal and plant quarantine certificate, food sanitation inspection certificate, and bill of lading, packing list, waybill, invoice, packing list, etc.
Customs clearance means that imported goods, export goods, and transhipment goods must be declared to the customs when entering the customs border or border of a country, go through the various procedures prescribed by the customs, and fulfill the obligations stipulated in various laws and regulations; , Inspection, taxation, release and other procedures, the goods can only be released, and the owner or the declarer can take delivery. Similarly, the various modes of transport for importing and exporting goods must be reported to the customs, go through customs formalities, and obtain customs clearance. During the customs clearance period, whether it is import, export or transshipment, it is under the supervision of the customs and is not allowed to circulate freely.
Customs clearance is customs clearance, which is also known as customs clearance.
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