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Basic procedures for import declaration

Accepting declarations → examining documents → inspecting goods → handling taxation → customs clearance.
1. Use the exchanged bill of lading (1, 3) and attach the declaration documents to the customs declaration.
Customs declaration documents: After the bill of lading (1, 3) is released by the customs, the white seal is stamped with the old seal and returned to the importer as proof of delivery. Original packing slips, original invoices, contracts, import declarations in two copies, original customs declaration commission agreements, and various types of documents covered by customs supervision regulations.
(1) After receiving the customer's full document, confirm the commodity code of the goods, and then check the customs rules. Confirm the import tax rate. Confirm what regulatory conditions are required for the goods. If various inspections are required, they should be reported to the relevant agencies before declaration. Documents required for inspection: application for inspection, original invoice for packing list, contract, and import declaration.
(2) The general shipping agency shall be urged to transfer the manifest to the customs in time when changing the manifest. If there is any problem, please contact the customs manifest room to confirm whether the manifest is transferred to the customs.
(3) When the customs requires unpacking and inspecting the goods, it should contact the station in advance and deploy the machine to transfer the inspected boxes to the station designated by the customs. (Confirm the box adjustment fee and boxing fee in advance at the on-site station.)
2. In case of legal inspection, the inspection procedures should be completed.
If commodity inspection is required, you must take the importer inspection application form (with official seal) and two declarations before registering for customs clearance, and place the commodity inspection registration stamp on the customs declaration form for customs clearance. Inspection procedures are handled at the destination.
If you need to carry out phytosanitary inspection, you should also take the box bill invoice, contract declaration form, and apply for inspection on behalf of the inspection agency before the declaration. You can stamp the declaration form for customs clearance.
3. After customs clearance, the customs shall go to the third inspection hall for the third inspection, and provide the container inspection, invoice, and contract declaration to the agent inspection agency in the hall, and they shall apply for inspection. After the inspection, You can pay in the unified window in the hall, and stamp the three inspection release stamp on the white bill of lading.
4. After completing the three inspection procedures, go to the harbor pool hall to pay port miscellaneous charges.
After the port miscellaneous charges are settled, the Hong Kong side will return the delivery coupon to the delivery person for delivery.
5. After all the pickup procedures are completed, you can notify the warehouse in advance to pick up the goods.
(1) First, get in touch with the dispatching office of the harbor basin to arrange a plan.
(2) According to the number of suitcases, the vehicles with sufficient contact with the yard should be cleared as far as possible within the time required by the Hong Kong side. So as not to incur stacking costs.
(3) During the process of lifting the container, the container should be inspected with the relevant personnel of the storage yard for any major damage. If so, the Hong Kong side is required to sign the equipment transfer order to disable the container.
6. After the heavy boxes are mentioned in the yard from the yard, they should be dug out in time during the free period to avoid delays.
7. After the cargo is cleared, retrieve the equipment transfer order from the station to prove that the box is not damaged, and go to the shipping company or the shipping agency to get the deposit fee.
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